Homework and Learning Can Be Fun

    Marine science articles to help you with homework and interactive games,
    vocabulary, puzzles and video to help you have fun learning about the ocean.

    Vancouver Aquarium (3rd to 6th grades)
    Have fun learning about marine life and oceanography through the Vancouver Aquarium's interactive
    online games.  

    OceanLink- All about the ocean (K-12)
    Go under the ocean or past the stars with games, photos and information . Then take a practice quiz to
    test your knowledge of important concepts in marine science.

    BBC Science & Nature- Sea Life (All Ages)
    Quizzes, Games, articles on the ocean and sea life.

    Monterey Bay Aquarium (All Ages)
    Learn ocean animal facts through interactive cards, fun and memory games with online stories for kids
    to read.

    Treasures@Sea (K-8)
    A literature based unit about the ocean. It contains web based lesson plans for kids, writing activities,
    vocabulary, interactive games, puzzles and quizzes and print activities.

    National Geographic Kids Dare to Explore (All Ages)
    Ocean topics with interactive activities videos , games and puzzles.

    NeoK12 (Grades 3rd to 12th)
    Ouizzes, games, puzzles. Vocabulary games on sea life and an online tool to  create a presentation on
    marine animals. Has videos of various marine animals.

    National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration- (4th- 12th Grades)
    A portal to games and interactive activities focused on ocean and air themes.  

    PBS Cousteau Ocean Adventures (All Ages)
    Interactive web games that teach oceanology facts and basic concepts in a fun way.

    National Geographic: The Ocean (5th-12th Grades)
    Ocean quizzes and articles on ocean acidification, habitat destruction, ocean temperature increases,
    invasive species, ocean pollution, etc.